RFID Reader

➢ Metal Case Waterproof To Read UHF RFID
➢ Capability of Reading/Writing
➢ EPC Passive tags and software programmable
➢ Able to decode ISO-18000B, EPC.
➢ Reading Rang(Max).: 5-10M Reading

Model HFID-20 Integrated UHF Reader (5M)
Frequency 1Sm 902-928MHZ
Fixing Vertical (level 360 degree adjustable, angle of gradient Max. 30 degree adjustable)
Transmitting power Max. 30dBm adjustable
Antenna Type Linear polarization antenna (specially made)
Communication Ports RS232, RS485, Wiegang26 , Trigger input interface.
Reading Speed 60Km/h
Tag air interface EPC Class1 Gen2 Standard.
Highest data read rates One by one single card
Recommend read range 5-10M (HOUSYS TAG)


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